The Team


The Merlane team is firstly a conglomerate of supportive, dynamic and experienced human resources specialists such as psychologists, coaching experts, personality and compartmental assessors, recruiters, trainers… with a strong sense of human relations who work with a collective and innovative mindset who dare disrupting habits and structures.

Coaching and psychologist profiles

Our psychologists bring their analysis to the challenges of life quality at work (psychosocial risks, well-being at work, social indicators, crisis management…) and solutions dedicated to the organization context.

Our coaches support you in your transformation and reorganization projects, team efficiency improvement and new leadership model deployment.

Our organizational culture development and engagement experts take action with executive committees and operational teams, all domains alike.


Specialists in skills management profiles

Our recruitment experts support your HR goals. Our consultants from HR faculties and prestigious universities use their experience to recruit strategic profiles (interviews, pro-active sourcing, assessment center…).

Our experts in HR strategic management intervene in skills and position management, skills frame reference set up, training and evaluation policy, and professionalization of your teams.

Our consultants have transversal fields of expertise, allowing them to support your transformation projects and adding their value to the skills management and development.

Specialists in engineering and training animation profiles

Our trainers develop and animate trainings serving your HR strategy and your GPEC challenges (organising working hours and skill forecasting).

Through an active pedagogy, experiential and co-development, we deploy professionalizing paths for managers and development paths for leaders.

We wish to share with you our best practices in terms of social performances improvement, change management and managerial innovation.

Our teams answer the questionings issued by HR management in the organizations.