Developing the individual and collective awareness

We support our clients so that their organization is thought according to a collective prism, more open and which will bring more individual satisfaction at work. Through questioning about human resources fundamentals, we offer individuals and collectives accompanying aiming to give meaning to anyone about their daily action.

Several question to learn from other paths…

Estimate and interrogate its personality, qualify its singularity, be attentive

Raise awareness of its expectations and desires, the meaning of its life, its star

Be interested by other people and decenter itself, develop its empathy, integrate its singularity in the collective.

Merlane’s team embodies The Good Company’s fundamentals. It is the strongness, which allow it to know how to support companies on a topic that Merlane itself has experienced. Go hand with hand.

Giving a meaning to commitment and strengthening the sense of belonging

We support our clients-partners of the way of the success. A path that we are declining according to founding principles which helps in the understanding of the general sense (the star) and the commitment of anyone. This path of the success is led by the collective (co-building principle), it allows to reveal talents, which will be bring changes, to generate innovative ideas (thanks to collective intelligence), and will allow to involve each individual.

To give a sense to its actions, it is to know how to estimate and interrogate the collective profile with its complementarities, whilst qualifying its individual singularity. To feel part of a whole, anyone has to be able to raise awareness of its expectations and desires, within the framework of the collective meaning. Merlane supports measures which will allow reinforce the trust, action in symbiosis, to be in a spirit of sharing, participation, cooperation and compromise.

Developing talents, leaders, followers, organizers and their integration

Our clients-partners who aim at becoming a “performing and agile company where it feels good being” are keen to detect talents. More than on competencies, the company’s transformation will rely on these talents that can’t be appointed, the talents that simply are part of us. We support companies in detecting these talents or in helping making them rise. Everyone must grasp and embody their role as a leader, a follower or an animator as a key link in a chain. The Merlane team provides the animation of these reflections, this awareness, and sets to music the governance principles that will allow for everyone’s growth.

What if companies from today or from tomorrow grew thanks to individuals and their talents or their potential more than their competencies? By thinking through the prism of Talents and Potential, we open the possibilities for agile companies to be more transversal, cooperative, mobile, rapidly adapting and to achieve individual contentment regarding everyone’s life courses.

Learning how to cooperate through talents complementarity

We support our clients-partners in thinking in a collective, transversal and long-term approach rather than in a fragmented, departments/business units/roles driven way. Everyone must play a role more than a position in the organization. Complementarity in a team will help becoming more effective and bring satisfaction of collective successes. This state of mind requires to be freed up, to decompartmentalize old habits, to overthrow our certitudes. We support our clients-partners to gradually live different settings in order to experience a new dynamic in the group by animating collective and individual coaching sessions.

The stakes of choosing a governance mode based on collective and complementarity are many. Here is a short selection:


  • Complementarity in a team allows for efficiency in complex external contexts
  • It allows for everyone to feel their impact in the overall scheme, to find meaning in their actions
  • Finally, it opens for everyone larger development and evolution perspectives

Digital tools at the disposal of humans and human relations

We support our client-partners in opting for a digital transformation accelerator tool serving human relations to make sure it help as a lever. Digital solutions must contribute to a better quality of life, collective intelligence, sharing, agility, organization transversality, communication and transparence.

Digital tools having significantly impacted our ways of working, it is necessary to have a progressive posture towards them. How can we use this incredible, modern, fast, open and easy space to make sure it serves the human team?

Let’s have a look around us, logistics, mass distribution, Medias… new world have emerged. For some of them it took more time, but today they are part of our daily lives. It is time to transpose these principles to serve the men and women of the organizations.

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