Our Expertise


Over the years, the Merlane team has built true convictions and a real expertise to support organizations concerned about the position of people and the relations that move them.

Our know-how is combined with social skills, appreciated by our partners who request our help along their transformation journey thanks to our expertise laid out from executive committees to operational teams, through every structure of the organization.

Our expertise is varied and complementary (Work Quality of Life, coaching, recruitment, talent management…). It’s difficult to sort out these skills as they intertwine in our missions. They have been developed from the Good Company’s fundamentals. The ever-evolving expertise is part of our daily modes of operation.

Human Relations Development


Cultural analysis
of organizations (companies and communities)

Leadership model
Deployment of a (new) leadership model (training action, assessment, coaching)

Use of collective intelligence to gather around a common star

Reinforcement of team spirit and commitment to a common project, to a management system

Living the transformation
Embarking and setting up of spaces (physical and virtual) to reveal talents

Supporting governance change (agile, empowering, open)

Analysis of the agility level, its capacity to question itself, and to adapt to its environment

People development


Reinforcing the integration of new people (mentoring)

X,Y,Z generations
Including young generations in the company (digitalization of paths, mentoring)

Individual and collective assessments (MBTI, INSIGHT…)

Skills overview

Simplification / digitalization of skills management

Individual coaching of managers / mentoring

Group coaching on CODIR (Management committee)/COMEX/Operational team

Work Quality of Life


PSR (psychosocial risk)
Analysis and prevention of psychosocial risks

Work on work/life balance

Observation and analysis of social impact (linked to surrounding changes)

Co-building and deployment of a Quality Work Life action plan (with digital support)

Training, individual and group trainings based on PSR

Crisis management / psychological support

Social link
Diagnostic and observation of social links (company or community)

Mobility and Recruitment


Working on employer branding, language elements, visual (creation by the graphic team Digismart), working on job offers’ attractivity

Direct sourcing + implementation of a recruitment service center (externalization of recruitment campaigns)

Organization of recruitment forums, job corners, dematerialized and paper supports

Support in the definition of the recruitment strategy (vs. Make or Buy policy)

Support of digitalization projects (mobility, recruitment, social media) in human resources professions

Recruitment manager coaching, job definition, recruitment, interviewing techniques

Transformation des DRH


Inspiration and facilitation
Facilitation of HR department transformation (embarking and facilitation of the group)

Training action
Accompanying to work on the consulting and empathetic posture of HR

Managerial innovation
Development of a new managerial model within HR department

Strategy/vision/HRM star definition – repositioning within global transformation strategies

Digital strategies
HRM digital strategy definition